Assisted Living

Assisted Living in Winchester, VA

We feel that our role at The Willows At Meadow Branch is not to “do for,” but rather to “assist with”. This mindset empowers our seniors to be as active as they want to be, allowing them to live comfortably and enjoy their daily routines with confidence and assurance we are here to assist in any way necessary 24×7.

Some residents living at The Willows At Meadow Branch may require little or no physical assistance or supervision. These residents delight in chef-prepared meals, regular housekeeping services and laundry, freeing them to embrace the activities they enjoy with the people they love. And they and their families have peace of mind in knowing that nursing assistance is always available should they need it.

We offer varying levels of assistance and support depending on the needs of the resident.

Personal Care Program Include:

Basic assistance including prompting, monitoring and observing of the Resident, providing the Resident with reminders and supervision with activities of daily living, including, but not limited to bathing, dressing, grooming, ambulating and orientation. This assistance does not include “hands on” assistance with any of the above mentioned activities of daily living

Personal Care + Medication Administration

The Medication Administration program is ideal for residents who need or desire our staff to administer medications prescribed by their physician. Certified nursing staff oversees the distribution and administration of medication. Residents under this level of care benefit from the Personal Care program plus the peace of mind in knowing that professional nurses are overseeing their medication administration.

Personal Care Plus

Our Personal Care Plus care level is designed to meet the needs of residents who require hands-on assistance with activities of daily living. Our staff takes great care to provide the assistance necessary to meet the needs of these residents who need extra care and attention.

With this level of care; our residents will verbally instructed with step-by-step on activities of daily living, physical assistance with bathing or showering, assistance with the preparation of a hydro-tub bath or shower two to four times a week, physical assistance with dressing, clothes selection and orientation. They will be physically assisted with grooming including but not limited to hair and teeth brushing, shaving etc.. We will offer physical assistance with eating and/or meals that require mechanical alteration, physical assistance with transferring, walking and wheelchair propelling. Assistance with bladder and/or bowel incontinence, but not including the cost of the incontinence supplies as well as medication distribution and administration.