What is Assisted Living?

The Willows Assisted Living communities provides housing in an environment in which personal care and individualized health services are provided in a setting that is home-like. The level of assistance that is provided will be greater than independent living but not as comprehensive as that offered by skilled nursing facilities. We offer a social community with fewer responsibilities and access to assistance when needed for individuals who cannot live alone in their homes or who needs assistance with daily living skills. Services may include monitoring of health care, assistance with personal care, medication management and meal preparations. We support residents and promote independence while averting unnecessary institutionalization.

How is Assisted Living different than a nursing home?

The Willows At Meadow Branch is designed for seniors who are independent, but require occasional assistance. The Willows offers apartment style living in a caring community active with trips, crafts and over 100 other things to do a month. Nursing homes tend to be for seniors who need constant care with a 24 hour nursing staff.

What kind of adjustment period can we expect for residents?

During the first week of the adjustment period we ask family keep visits to a minimum. This allows residents some time to adjust. As with any major life change, the first month is usually pretty tough until a routine is officially established. It is in this time that their customized care plans are developed.

Does Medicare cover assisted living facilities?

No, Medicare does not cover any of the cost of assisted living services. Some Residents carry Long Term Care Insurance that help with the cost of their care, as well as those individuals who served in the armed forces, may qualify for benefits under the VET Administration. Assisted Living Communities are private-pay.

How does one pay for assisted living?

For the most part, seniors pay for assisted living with private funds. Check with your insurance professional to see if your long term care policy covers assisted living fees. A resident may even qualify for VET benefits if they are their spouse was a member in active duty.

Is there a buy-in fee?

There is no buy in fee at The Willows.

What happens when a resident needs medical attention or emergency care?

The Willows is located just minutes away from Winchester Medical Center. In the event of a medical emergency, our trained staff calls emergency services and the resident’s attending physician is notified. Our staff then phones the designated emergency contact for the resident.

Do assisted living facilities provide respite care?

The Willows At Meadow Branch does offer respite care which is a short-term care that allows the family or other care providers to take a break from caregiving. Respite Care is also a great option for any individual who may have had a recent hospitalization and is unable to care for themselves in their own home. The Willows offer a fully furnished apartment with linens, furniture, TV and phone so that an individual can move right in and recuperate with ease in a home like setting where they will receive care and assistance till they are ready to return back to their own home.

How do you maintain security?

The front door of The Willows locks at each evening at 6PM. After that time, visitors are “buzzed in” to the facility. There is also a security camera at the front entrance that is activated when someone requests admission into the premises. Although all exterior doors are locked from the outside around the building meaning, one can get out but not in, and when any door is opened it sends an alarm to the nurses station notifying then to the specific exit. There is a nurse’s station on each side of the building as well as front and back offices that help keep an eye on anything out of the ordinary. Willow Glen Memory Care facility has an enclosed walking garden with locked gates. The rest of the Willow Glen area is also equipped with door alarms. As an additional precaution, there are pull switches in each room

Can a senior bring a pet into The Willows?

There are guidelines that do allow a senior to bring one pet into their residence at The Willows. The admissions team carefully reviews the resident’s specific circumstances, beyond the obvious size restrictions of the animal. This includes the type of pet, the level of care the pet requires, the level of care the senior is able to provide the pet and the general level of care the senior needs.

How does one handle when a family member is reaching end of life’s journey?

When your loved one has reached the end of this part of their journey, we want to make certain that you have as much help and comfort as we can possibly provide. Our partnership with Hospice helps provide you with information concerning your loved ones needs and care.  Our Chaplain is always available for counseling during this time of challenging questions and decision making. Our Staff, along with the Hospice team is here to navigate you through the illness, help you understand the process and give you a shoulder to lean on.